• Indian Stock Market Opened For Foreign Individual Investors

    Under the new reform, the foreign investor will be able to trade in Indian markets by opening a demat account through a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) registered qualified Depository Participants (DP). The DP need...

    Digital Estate Planning: 5 Methods To Handle Digital Life

    The most uncertain but certain thing in everyone life is death. And with technology becoming an increasing part of everyone's lives, digital assets have become more important. Think about your 'virtual' belongings...

    Calendar Anomalies: Equity Market Pricing Anomalies

    The reason for January Effect is that, in order to reduce tax liabilities, traders and investors sell their loser securities in December and create capital losses which they offset with the capital gain to reduce the tax liabilities...

    Cost of Delay Calculator by Franklin Templeton

    Cost of delay calculator published by Franklin Templeton is one of the best calculators that can be used to check the percentage of estimated wealth creation loss, if an investors delays his/her investments by X years....

    HSBC Purchasing Manager's Indices: A Must Know

    HSBC Purchasing Manager's Indices are monthly data driven picture of individual economies. HSBC PMIs cover 12 principal emerging economies of the world, including India, China, Russia, UAE and Saudi Arabia. PMI indices...

    Tokyo Osaka Merger

    Rupee Depreciation - Rupee At All Time Low

    Its all over the news. Indian Rupee hit the all time low mark of 60 rupees against the US dollar. On 20th June, 2013, Indian Rupee hit the all time low, sending waves of worries to Indian Government, IT industry and to common man. The Petrol price have been increasing after that to hit the mark of 76.90 Rupees per liter in Mumbai.

    Coca Cola Redesigning Corporate Website

    First Day of Samvat 2069

    India Might Be The First BRIC Nation To Loose Investment Grade; Warns S & P

    1000 Crores Withdrawn in 8 Days from Indian Market

    What is Nifty BeES?

    India's GDP Numbers in Past Five Financial Years

    SEBI's Listing Norms For Stock Exchanges

    SEBI's listing norms for exchanges comes as a relief for the BSE and NSE. SEBI sat on the Bimal Jalan report for over 16 months and probably the listing of MCS finally prompted it to wake up. Some of the biggest stock exchanges in the world -NYSE-Euronext, Australian Securities Exchange, London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Bourse are listed. Finally, the much awaited norms on listing of the bourses on bourses was spelled out by SEBI. A quic look at what the rules of the game are: